About the Author

Bill LynamBill Lynam is the author of fiction, non-fiction books, and multiple stories and articles in various genres. His middle-grade readers chapter book Shorty, Alien Dog, deals with a pooch from Planet Zed. Shorty comes to earth to find a solution to a problem at home but becomes ensnared with a dogcatcher and federal agents who try to capture him and his rocket bike.

Bernie, The Flying Squirrel, is an early-readers book illustrated in full color. Bernie crashes, hurting his wing just as a flying contest starts with a year’s worth of acorns for the prize. Will Bernie be able to fly again? Will he be able to join the competition? Will his friends help him? Also available in dual Spanish and English version, as La Ardillita Voladora.

Lucky Foxes, by Eleanor Maroney, is a middle-grade readers chapter book. Two red foxes bedeviled by a good luck charm, try to be normal sly foxes while being chased by people who want to steal their reward for helping a frog. Will they get away? Will the bad guys catch them?

Steampunk Mashup, A young adult science-fiction collection of Victorian adventures around the world with amazing outcomes as old and new elements mesh.

Footloose Pilgrims: A Journal of Moped Travels in Europe, a coming of age travelogue about hitch-hiking, bicycling, and mopeding in Europe with further travels in North Africa, South and Central America.

All available on Amazon and Kindle.

In the works, a historical fiction novel—The Confederate Canuck—about a Canadian logger who rafts the Mississippi River looking for adventure and finds more than he bargains for during the Civil Was as an officer for the South.

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