Footloose Pilgrims

Footloose Pilgrims is about two brothers who moped their way into adventure through Europe in the late-1950’s on $5 dollars a day. They meet the natives, fight the elements, the topography and swear at their machines while getting to their destination.

“Based on the journals of two young travelers, Footloose Pilgrims may inspire you to get up off the couch in search of epic adventures…”
Blueink Review

Along the way, they encounter friends and foes; they learn about the high price for running over a farmer’s laying hen in Belgium; go where no tourist is supposed to go in Italy; walk in the night mist with Irish tinkers; challenge Franco’s Guardia Civil; converse in a language unknown to man while under the influence with Portuguese University students; are entertained by recollections of wartime America by a retired Free French aviator; cross the Austrian Alps in a howling snowstorm with red-hot engines as they daily move into new territory.

Dick and Bill Lynam’s peripatetic journey across Western Europe is filled with observations, anecdotal comments, reflections on the people, and summaries of current and recent history and political events in the countries they visited.

“The reader feels that he is also a companion on this wonderful trip through Europe in the 1950’s. I loved the details about their journey and how helpful complete strangers were on this fabulous trip…”
C. Kunz

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Footloose Pilgrims
  • By Bill and Dick Lynam
  • Published by Xlibris

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